The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international, nonprofit scientific, and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.  With more than 50,000 members, it is the largest organization of water professionals in the world.  AWWA offers membership options designed to benefit all drinking water professionals - including utility staff, engineers, regulators, and manufacturers - as well as interested students.
If you live in Virginia, you become a member of the Virginia Section AWWA when you join AWWA.  As a very active organization, comprised of over 1,200 members, we have a great deal to offer our members by way of locally focused training, peer-to-peer networking, and our annual conference, WaterJAM. 
Benefits of Membership
There are many reasons why someone joins an organization.  Below are just a few reasons why our members have joined VA AWWA, in their own words. 
Training Events
"The benefits of a VA AWWA membership are immeasurable. From the training opportunities provided that help me stay abreast of industry trends to the networking opportunities with my fellow water industry colleagues throughout the state, VA AWWA is a part of my life, as I have gained lifelong friends via my membership."
Continuing Education Credits
"VA AWWA provides many opportunities throughout the year for me to obtain the continuing education requirements necessary to maintain my PE licensure. Though we all miss the camaraderie provided by in-person events, the VA Section has continued its commitment to providing these educational and networking opportunities virtually as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not an easy feat, yet VA AWWA has managed to seamlessly continue its service to water professionals in VA."
Legislative and Regulatory Tracking
"One of the major benefits of my VA AWWA membership is the Legislative and Regulatory Updates page.  This page compiles recent local and federal updates into one place and gives a quick synopsis of each update.  It saves me a ton of time and helps me stay current on regulatory changes that may affect my projects."
Peer Networking
"The greatest benefit of my VA AWWA membership is getting to know and learn from the other members, whose insight into the water industry is priceless."
Committee Involvement
"A VA AWWA membership is certainly beneficial, but I find involvement in its various committees even more so. Active committee membership allows me to gain professional contact and form close connections with water professionals at various stages in their careers."
Career Advancement
"Joining VA AWWA as a student member ultimately led to me becoming a water resources engineer, and it provided exposure to established professionals in the industry that I might not have otherwise had."
In addition to the advantages of VA AWWA membership, AWWA provides:
  • Technical manuals and standards,
  • Water industry information through the AWWA Journal and Opflow magazine,
  • Nationally-recognized education and training events, designed to provide you with skills and knowledge to advance your career,
  • Information that you need to participate in the federal legislative and regulatory process; and,
  • Opportunities to get involved in the work of AWWA committees, meet people throughout the country (and world), and contribute to the progress of AWWA.

Ready to join us? Please visit the AWWA website to submit your information online or select one of the following categories for more details:  

For more information or for answers to your questions, contact the Membership Engagement Committee Chair—see the Membership Engagement Committee page for contact information.