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Nonnative invasive plants present a huge challenge to sustainability; they affect the natural food web, biodiversity, and ecosystem health and services. The VA AWWA/VWEA Sustainable Utilities Committee is proud to present a webinar about managing these challenging nonnative invasive plants .... discussing the why and the how. 

The webinar will be conducted by Rod and Maggie Walker, the founders of the Blue Ridge PRISM (Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management), a nonprofit that has been actively helping to address nonnative invasive problems in ten counties along the northern Blue Ridge Mountains.  Rod and Maggie have used federal grants to help many landowners manage invasives problems, sometimes on a large (e.g. major equipment) scale.  They are also active throughout the state in educating people on managing nonnative invasive plants and work closely with the Va Cooperative Extension, US Forest Service, VDOT,  Shenandoah National Park, and many other groups.
Rod and Maggie would like to hear from you about what plants present the biggest challenges for utilities.  When you register for the webinar, there is a space to fill in your own target nonnative invasives.  

Please contact the Sustainable Utilities Committee chair, Dr. Matthias Wittenberg (wittenbergm@cdmsmith.com), for more information.

Register for the FREE webinar here.



Matthias Wittenberg