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Men have always comprised the majority of the workforce in the water industry. Although the percentage of women in different positions in the water industry has increased over the years, women still face heavy bias in industries historically dominated by men. In this Thoughtful Tuesday, we will explore the "Man Box" and examine social norms, culture, and traditional images of manhood that have created the current manhood blueprint in society that supports, tolerates, and often encourages discrimination and violence against women. In addition, we will reflect on ways to address the root of these issues and continue paving the way for gender equity and preventing discrimination in the workforce by bringing men to the forefront of these efforts!
What is the Man Box? The Man Box illustrates the collective socialization of men, in which men are expected to be strong, successful, in control, and emotionless, among other characteristics. However, in the Man Box, women are viewed as of less value than men. A classic example is when coaches, to motivate players, will tell them to stop playing like a girl. The Man Box concept has been coined by A Call to Men, an organization that focuses on promoting healthy and respectful manhood and has trained and worked with several organizations around the world, including the NFL, the NBA, the U.S. Military, Uber, J.P. Morgan and many others.
Our guest speaker, RaKim Lash (“RahK”), is the Vice President of Programs for A Call to Men and will guide us through this session, which was developed for all genders. All women have men in their lives—fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, and coworkers—and all men have women in their lives—mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and coworkers.
For more information, visit https://www.acalltomen.org/
Please note: This event will be live only and will not be recorded for later viewing. This will enable attendees to be open and transparent in their thoughts and comments. 
About our presenter
RaKim Lash
VP of Programs
A Call to Men

RaKim “RahK” Lash is the Vice President of Programs for A Call to Men. RahK started his career as a Residence Hall Director in Arkansas and transitioned into diversity, equity, and inclusion. During his time at Ithaca College, he championed student success through progressive responsibilities and roles in Multicultural Affairs and the Center for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Social Change (IDEAS). As the inaugural Director of the MLK Scholars program at New York University, RahK worked collaboratively to engage, educate, and empower students through leadership development, academic excellence, research, and civic engagement. RahK believes every human is capable of good and can use their platform to influence social change. He is committed to trying, failing, and learning to reimagine success while inviting others to do the same.



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