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Join us for a thoughtful conversation forum style that sparks an intentional conversation about intersections of love and brings in the DEI themes of individuality, identity, acceptance, inclusiveness, community outreach, and intersectionality. Together we will open our hearts and dive into the who, what, where, why, how, and meaning of love!


Our February 2023 Thoughtful Tuesday is inspired by "Virginia is for lovers" and Cupid's arrow! This playful two-part monthly virtual event consists of an interactive game for all attendees, one "truth & dare." 

For the first part of our Thoughtful Tuesday, we dare you to take a photo or video at one of the many "Virginia is for Lovers" signs across the state and share your truth about who, what, why, or how you love! – Find the LOVE sign closest to you by clicking here. Please share your "truth & dare love" submissions using the link below by February 13th to have them showcased during the "Let's Talk Love" virtual meeting and displayed on the Virginia Section website. 

About Thoughtful Tuesdays
The VA AWWA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee launches “Thoughtful Tuesdays” – our monthly virtual event with guest speakers, facilitated discussions, case studies, podcast and Ted Talk reviews, stories, and inclusion/best practice shares for the VA AWWA community that allows us to increase awareness and education, engage our membership and have courageous conversations on DEI topics.

Geneva Hudgins