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With widespread sensationalism and distrust around drinking water quality and infrastructure, your community needs to hear from you. This interactive training will equip participants with tools and risk communication strategies to respond quickly and appropriately.
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A Risk Communication Guide for Water Utilities
As water service professionals, our core focus is to protect public health and the environment. We have traditionally met this public health mission as a silent service. Today however, sensationalism around drinking water quality or infrastructure incidents, widespread broadcasting through social media, and the growth in public distrust of government agencies means your community needs to hear from you.
Communicate effectively with your customers and keep their confidence.
This presentation will prepare members for the fast-paced process by which news travels today and equip participants with tools to appropriately respond. This interactive format will concentrate on risk communication strategies and techniques based on industry expert knowledge and utility lessons learned, providing best practices for risk communication and increasing comfort with communicating in a crisis.
Participants will receive a copy of AWWA’s: 
Trending in an Instant: A Risk Communication Guide for Water Utilities.
Hear From Communication Experts: Andrea Hay (Green Bay Water) and Marci Davis (Jacobs)
Cost: $40
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Cynthia Barnes