Posted on Jul 14, 2021
EPA continues to receive applications for relief pertaining to the inadequate supply of chlorine products—predominantly sodium hypochlorite, but also gaseous chlorine and calcium hypochlorite—from both water and wastewater systems alike. This is for small and large systems - one serving more than 800K people just reached out. EPA is still very much in data collection mode and is hopeful states are willing to share information regarding what they are hearing on the ground. If your state learns of such a chemical supply issue, please send an email to,,, and EPA believes the following information would be most useful:
  • Utility name and type (DW/WW)
  • Facility location
  • Chemical
  • Supplier
  • Estimated time supply will run out
  • Allocation shortfall
Gathering this information will be extremely helpful as EPA works with the chemical sector and others in the federal government to ensure that chemical producers and repackagers assign high priority to water sector facilities under conditions of reduced production capacity.