Directs the SWCB to predict the risk that each locality and region in the Commonwealth will experience water supply shortfalls, to encourage the development of cross-jurisdictional water supply projects, and to adopt regulations designating regional planning areas based primarily on the river basin. Each locality in a particular regional planning area shall participate in cross-jurisdictional, coordinated water resource planning, and all localities in each area shall together develop and submit a single regional water supply plan. The bill directs DEQ to facilitate the creation of the regional water plans by ensuring sufficient coordination among localities, providing planning and other assistance, and ensuring that each regional plan identifies risks and proposes cost-effective strategies in response. The bill directs that the Board and DEQ prioritize the allocation of funds to localities that sufficiently participate in regional planning.
1/5/2020 Referred to ACNR
1/14/2020 Assigned ACNR: Natural Resources
1/29/20 Reported from ACNR with amendments (18-Y 4-N)
2/5/20 Subc recommends reporting with amendment (5-Y 3-N)
2/5/20 Reported from Appropriations with amendment (14-Y 7-N)
2/10/20 Passed House (61-Y 37-N)