The VWEA | VA AWWA Utility Management Committee is excited to launch the 2023 Mentorship Program!
The intent of this program is to bring a W/WW industry mentor and mentee together (who may not have otherwise met) for mutually beneficial and meaningful conversations regarding various career and professional topics. Mentorship is an invaluable opportunity to learn from one another, providing a path to knowledge transfer. Mentors can share experiential wisdom and offer career guidance. Mentees can share innovative ideas and fresh perspectives on long-standing industry concerns.
This program covers 6 weeks of conversation prompts. The program schedule can be found by clicking Read More below.
Complete the short, 6-question SURVEY if you’d like to participate. If you have questions, please email Matt Wisniewski (
Join us in creating a mentoring ripple effect across the industry!
The program schedule is below:
  • June 9: Deadline to complete the SURVEY
  • Week of July 13: Virtual kickoff meeting with all program participants (noon-1pm)
  • Week of July 17-21: Topic 1 of 6 – mentors and mentees meet virtually for 30 min to discuss topic (typical of all 6 weeks)
  • Week of July 24-28: Topic 2 of 6
  • Week of July 31-4: Topic 3 of 6
  • Week of Aug 7-11: In-person meet-up if possible, or virtual happy hour
  • Week of Aug 14-18: Topic 4 of 6
  • Week of Aug 21-25: Topic 5 of 6
  • Week of Aug 28-1: Topic 6 of 6
  • Week of Sept 4-8: “Floater Week” to be used if any previous weeks were missed due to summer vacation of otherwise
  • Sept 13: Potential in-person meet-up at WaterJAM.