Posted on Feb 27, 2021
Newport News Waterworks is looking for an Intern - Environmental Science.   Please visit our Employment Opportunities site at to review the official job description and apply. 
What would a typical day as an intern be like — what type of work would I do?
Are you looking for an exciting opportunity over the summer to jumpstart your Environmental or Forestry career? This internship will be packed full of hands on immersion to learn, develop, and jumpstart your career once you graduate with your degree! Your summer internship will focus specifically in the fields of Environmental Science, Limnology and Forestry. You will be working right alongside our Watershed and natural resources team to assist them with ongoing projects for the City!
Day to day, you will be out in the field in all weather conditions, encountering various insects, vegetation, and wildlife. We will provide a foundation on how to conduct watershed inspections, water monitoring, and collecting of forestry data.  You will perform boundary patrols, BMP for pond, erosion and sediment control, and trespass and encroachment inspections.  You will also collect and analyze raw water and ground water samples. There is also an opportunity to collect tree data, monitor timber harvesting, and perform BMP inspections around the City.
In addition to your day-to-day responsibilities, you will have exposure to the entire Waterworks department, and will be able to learn as much as you are willing to invest in your internship over the summer!
How much money can I earn?
The rate of pay for this internship will range from $11-$15 per hour depending on your course completion, previous work history, and other qualifications.
What type of schedule will I work, and how long will the internship be?
You will work about 40 hours per week Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:00am-3:30pm. This internship will run from the end of May until August. There could also be potential for a part-time opportunity or a full-time job offer at the end of the program if the City has a vacancy at that time.
What would some attainable goals be for me over the summer?
The Natural Resources division would like an intern to assist with the following objectives over the summer:
•             Monitor/map invasive aquatic plant growth in Diascund, Lee Hall and Harwood's Mill reservoirs.
•             Develop an efficient method of collecting and uploading source water monitoring data.
•             Develop a method of coordinating online reservoir and property information between Waterworks and our host jurisdictions.
What type of degree program would best be suited for this internship?
Students currently enrolled in an Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Forestry, Biology, Limnology, or related degree program would see the most value out of this internship. Rising juniors and seniors will be top candidates for this opportunity, as your courses studied should provide you with a solid foundation for this program! 
What are the qualifications for this internship?
This internship will require basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. You will need to have access to a computer that you can utilize a geographic information system database. 
Why should I complete my internship with the City of Newport News?
The City of Newport News is an organization committed to excellence in public service with strong communication and teamwork. We look forward to offering you a meaningful internship opportunity, exposing you to a real work environment, and providing the opportunity for you to learn, develop, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!