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Recap of DEI Activities
Thoughtful Tuesday: Workplace Resilience in a Post-COVID World
For many employees, discussing Perceived Organizational Support (POS), employee perceptions regarding the extent to which their employer “values their contributions and cares about their well-being” (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison, & Sowa, 1986, p. 501) can feel intimidating and often goes undiscussed. Many employers still lack adequate tools to support and care for employees to simply do their jobs well. 

View this Thoughtful Tuesday discussion with Dr. Jesse Winn to uncover aspects of workplace resilience in a post-COVID world. During this conversation, Dr. Winn identifies barriers to Perceived Organizational Support (POS), how to promote a safe space to reflect on ways to improve workplace resilience, and offers tools on how to support your teams and peers better.


Workstream Spotlight


Thoughtful Tuesday

Thoughtful Tuesdays are the DEI Committee’s monthly virtual event with guest speakers, facilitated discussions, case studies, podcast and Ted Talk reviews, stories, and inclusion/best practice shares for the VA AWWA community that allows us to increase awareness and education, engage our membership and have courageous conversations on DEI topics. Topics are applicable to the water sector and to the overall workplace, covering both the organizational and individual perspectives around DEI.  
Thoughtful Tuesday events are free and open to members and non-members. Events are recorded and made available at the Committee resources webpage on the Section’s website (https://www.vaawwa.org/305562/Page/Show?ClassCode=Page&Slug=dei-resources).  
The workstream is open to all DEI Committee members and meets once a month for one hour to plan future events and discuss any feedback or lessons learned from past events. Anyone interested in joining the workstream can reach out to Giovana Batista at giovana.batista@arcadis.com  
     Upcoming Events
     August 2 - Publications Workstream Meeting
     August 8 - Thoughtful Tuesday Workstream Meeting  
     August 15 - DEI Committee Meeting
     August 19 - Washington Nationals Baseball Game | Networking Event
     August 22 - Thoughtful Tuesday - Building an Inclusive Workforce
     August 24 - Walk for Water | Fundraiser and Happy Hour
     September 6 - Publications Workstream Meeting
     September 7 - Thoughtful Tuesday Workstream Meeting  
     September 11 - 14 - WaterJAM

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Our purpose is to lead and empower diversity and inclusion in our community by creating opportunity and cultivating belonging so all can thrive; acting in a way that is equitable, sustainable, and intentional.
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