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Come learn how your Virginia water utility can participate in a special Virginia National Guard (VNG) event, "Cyber Fortress 3.0". Cyber Fortress 3.0 will be a unique opportunity for water and wastewater utilities to respond to a sophisticated cyberattack without a risk to utility operations. Cyber Fortress 3.0 demonstrates the VNG’s capabilities to contribute to strengthening Virginia’s response to an advanced cyberattack on critical infrastructure through hands-on technical training, strategic planning, decision-making, and broad engagement.
Water and wastewater utility leaders, Virginia National Guard (VNG), and state and federal cyber security partners will meet in Virginia Beach this summer for a Cyber Fortress 3.0. This informational webinar will outline how the exercise will take place, including who is invited to participate, how long it will last, and how you can sign up for the exercise.  
Cyber Fortress is the VNG’s 91st Cyber Brigade’s exercise showcasing the value of public-private cyber-defense partnerships. The 91st Cyber Brigade is the Army National Guard’s first and only cyber brigade that directs training and readiness for cyber warfare, security, and protection teams spanning 30 states. Domestically, the VNG emphasizes mission assurance and incident response training focused on cyber professional’s exceptionalism. Cyber Fortress is a strategic and operational exercise designed to allow inter-agency decision-makers and cybersecurity professionals to exercise the cyber incident response framework and sharpen skills to protect and defend critical cyber infrastructure in a realistic training environment.  Cyber Fortress enables full-scale red-on-blue cyber engagement in a controlled virtual environment where cyber operators take actions in cyberspace with observable physical results.  Operators continuously adapt to an evolving threat until malicious code is cleared from the network and operations restored. Simulating a realistic cyber response to critical infrastructure, this training strategy demonstrates the preparation and skills of the cybersecurity professionals participating in the event.  
The VA AWWA / VWEA Emergency Planning and Security Committee sponsors this informational webinar and event.  
Geneva Hudgins