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Join us for this month's Thoughtful Tuesday topic: Neurodiversity in the Workplace. Based on the guidebook “Neurodiversity in the Workplace” created by Arcadis, this session is intended for managers, co-workers, and all who identify as neurodivergent. You will learn about different types of neurodiversity, best practices for collaboration, considerations for improved performance, and practical tips to create an inclusive workplace.
Did you know that neurodiverse teams can be up to 30% more productive than non-neurodiverse teams?
Neurodiversity is a term that acknowledges neurological differences that should be recognized and respected, just as any other human variation (e.g., ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age). Therefore, neurodivergent describes a person whose brain differences affect how their brain works. Using this terminology, we understand that neurological conditions are a part of what makes a person who they are, and taking away that condition is taking away their individuality, suggesting that these conditions do not need to be cured but rather celebrated.
With around 15% of the global population believed to be neurodivergent, this session aims to educate on the challenges faced and the opportunities available for those who are disabled or neurodivergent. A combination of these types of unique perspectives and non-traditional ways of working can lead to great innovation and problem solving.
About our presenters
Erica Snyder, serving as the Interim Chair of the Global Access & Neurodiversity Affinity Group and Deputy Chair of the Global Gender Affinity Group at Arcadis, has dedicated six years of her 20-year career in marketing and communications to advancing diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts across local, regional, and global levels. Through her expertise, Erica amplifies the voices of underrepresented groups by weaving compelling narratives and fostering inclusive communities that inspire action.
Melissa Rottenberg, the outgoing Global Access & Neurodiversity Affinity Group Chair at Arcadis, brings 23 years of experience in environmentally focused program and project management to her role. Throughout the past four years, she has been actively involved at both global and regional levels, championing inclusivity through impactful storytelling to foster empathy and promote transformative perspectives.
Arcadis, a global professional services firm with over 36,000 employees, features five core global employee affinity groups: Gender, Access & Neurodiversity, Age, Pride, and Ethnicity and Heritage. The Group Chair and Deputy Chair of each global affinity group play a pivotal role in providing leadership and strategic guidance to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all Arcadians.
The Access & Neurodiversity Affinity Group at Arcadis is dedicated to fostering a supportive community for individuals with visible and invisible disabilities, as well as neurodivergent individuals, to bring their whole selves to work.


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