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We all show up to work with varying degrees of innate vulnerability based on how the world perceives us, which often equates to varying degrees of cultural privilege. There are also ways we can choose vulnerability to cultivate trust and belonging. Often mistaken for weakness or fragility, vulnerability in our work is foundational to authentic leadership and meaningful connection. It’s the ability to share who we really are, connecting our “real” and work lives in a singular package. While unmasking can be hard in all parts of our lives, it’s particularly onerous in our professional lives. Join us as we uncover the ways in which vulnerability brings value and strength to our work relationships and our workplaces.


About our presenters

Ellie Black
Project Manager, Arcadis

Ellie Black is a Project Manager of Integration at Arcadis. A recovering transportation engineer, Ellie thrives at the intersection of problem-solving, communication, and perpetual change. Her love of chaos landed Ellie her current role managing the integration of a recent Arcadis acquisition. Ellie is the Chair of the Global PRIDE Affinity Group at Arcadis and facilitates the Real Talk call series of difficult conversations around social issues.  

Originally from Atlanta, Ellie moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2022. She has a wife, two kids, and two dogs. She loves word games, puzzles, playing board games with her kids, and dabbles in improv.  


Giovana Batista
Water Engineer, Arcadis
Thoughtful Tuesday Workstream Lead, VA AWWA DEI Committee

Giovana is a Water Engineer at Arcadis and the VA AWWA Thoughtful Tuesday Workstream Lead. Based in Virginia Beach and working with several water utilities across the country, Giovana is passionate about understanding human behavior, emotions and motivators. She is part of the VA AWWA/VWEA Leadership Academy, 2023-2024 cohort, and has been involved in DEI initiatives for several years.
About Thoughtful Tuesdays
The VA AWWA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee launches “Thoughtful Tuesdays” – our monthly virtual event with guest speakers, facilitated discussions, case studies, podcast and Ted Talk reviews, stories, and inclusion/best practice shares for the VA AWWA community that allows us to increase awareness and education, engage our membership and have courageous conversations on DEI topics.



Giovana Batista
Geneva Hudgins