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Job Postings
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's Southwest Regional Office is seeking a qualified candidate to plan, schedule, and conduct inspections of permitted and unpermitted solid waste management facilities to assess compliance with environmental laws, regulations and permit specific requirements. Prepare and issue accurate and comprehensive inspection reports and documentation. Provide oral and written responses, consultation, and advice in response to inquiries. Provide technical and compliance assistance and guidance to include effective waste management measures to the regulated community. Respond and investigate reports of improper waste management or to other pollution incidents as assigned. Initiate and conduct appropriate enforcement actions in accordance with DEQ policy. Maintain agency databases in accordance with agency policy and regional office procedures. Provide advice and support to other members of the land program compliance and enforcement team in the region. Collaborate with regional permitting staff and promote effective environmental compliance programs. May be required to perform other duties as assigned. 
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's, Piedmont Regional Office is seeking a qualified candidate to perform duties In accordance with Agency SOPs, performs technical, laboratory, compliance, and sampling inspections of municipal /industrial facilities associated with discharges to State waters. Conducts complaint investigations and prepares and issues reports. Provides compliance / technical assistance to permittees as needed, assists the general public with information requests, initiates and supports compliance and enforcement actions, participates in special sampling events and studies. 
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's Tidewater Regional Office is seeking a qualified candidate to conduct on-site compliance audits, inspections, compliance and technical assistance reviews, track compliance items, and recommend enforcement actions of permitted localities or other regulated entities. Provide assistance in development and implementation of program policies and procedures and provide regulatory recommendations to meet the requirements of the VPDES program and the Virginia Stormwater Management Program. Additionally, this position will provide technical support to the regulated community, other DEQ staff, and the citizens of the Commonwealth to resolve issues efficiently, openly, fairly and consistently. 
This position will be responsible for management, coordination, and oversight of CERCLA-related programs within the Land Protection and Revitalization Division including Federal Facilities, FUDS, RP & EPA-lead Superfund sites, and sites transitioned to Virginia for Operation and Maintenance. This position ensures proper review by staff of sites and coordination with EPA and other federal partners at sites including engaging in Partnering at Federal Facility sites. This position ensures the long-term management of Superfund sites that are or will be under Virginia responsibility is cost-effective and protective of human health and the environment. This position also ensures that all CERCLA program grants are applied for, tracked, and reported on per DEQ and federal guidelines, procedures, and best practices. 
DEQ’s Office of Pollution Response & Emergency Preparedness (PREP) provides statewide support to DEQ’s regional pollution response teams and to federal, state and local pollution incident planning and response partners. This position leads the DEQ PREP programs by: setting goals; establishing and maintaining procedures; monitoring and assessing program performance; managing personnel, equipment and financial resources; providing technical support and guidance to: PREP staff, response partners, and responsible parties; ensuring program activities conform to requirements of: applicable air/water/waste laws, applicable state and federal regulations; and agency policies and procedures. Position leads DEQ’s continuity of operations program. Position ensures that policies and procedures are consistently applied and implemented statewide.
The Northern Regional Office seeks a qualified candidate to serve as a Water Permit Writer, a position responsible for protecting water quality by preparing Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permits in accordance with the Clean Water Act and the Virginia State Water Control Board regulations. The position reviews wastewater permit applications and permit related operation/design submittals for applicability and completeness, and to develop and write, in a timely manner, enforceable VPDES permits which are technically and procedurally accurate in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and agency guidance and practices.
The Department of Environmental Quality is seeking a highly qualified candidate to administer, plan, and organize the programs within the Office of Stormwater Management by providing policy and technical support in order to ensure statewide program consistency. This position manages resources, provides technical expertise, guidance and program management to multiple program areas related to Erosion and Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, and Construction Stormwater Permitting. In addition, the position establishes and maintain regulations, policies, and procedures, as well as evaluates program activities to ensure regulatory compliance with the State Water Control Law and other State and Federal laws and regulations relating to water permitting programs
Under general supervision, this position is responsible for performing human resources related functions to include recruitment and selection; processing the department’s payroll as well as maintaining related payroll and personnel records. Reports to the Administrative Services Manager. 
Chesterfield County Government is seeking a Principal Plant Operator (Nightshift), focusing on plant operations at Chesterfield County’s wastewater treatment plants. The Principal Plant Operator will perform all operational aspects required to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations governing wastewater treatment. This requires observations and/or adjustments of physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes at a wastewater treatment plant. This includes but is not limited to the following: operate process equipment and systems associated with wastewater treatment Monitor the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA); observe and record process trends related to equipment operation and plant performance on daily log sheets; monitor and adjust process control instrumentation Inventory chemicals and inspect chemical dosing pumps and storage tanks; ensure proper operation of samplers, collect process monitoring samples and perform field analytical tests; transfer sludge by manually turning valves in correct sequence with operation of pumping equipment; perform preventive maintenance; work outdoors in the elements. Perform other work as required.

Chesterfield County’s Utilities Department is seeking a Water Operations Manager to manage, plan, and track all aspects of the operation and maintenance of Chesterfield County's water distribution system to maintain water service to customers at all times. Work with Assistant Director of Utilities to implement operational strategies relating to normal and emergency water system operations. In the event of an emergency, restore service as quickly as possible utilizing all available resources. Respond to customer complaints and inquiries and ensure that excellent customer service is applied when addressing these complaints and inquiries in a prompt and effective manner. Communicate with other sections of Utilities Department in procedural and policy changes and questions relating to system operations and maintenance, construction, and development. Gather needed information, compile, prepare and present annual budget recommendation. Perform other work as required.
Chesterfield County Government is seeking a Principal Labor Crew Chief to supervise crew and coordinate daily schedules and activities related to maintenance, construction and repair of water mains, water services and other activities related to water distribution system appurtenances and infrastructure. Perform other work as required. Please note: Overtime may be frequent and required to include evening, weekends and/or holidays. Position is open until filled (first review to begin February 20, 2024.)
Chesterfield County Government is seeking a Principal Plant Operator to focus on Plant Operations at Chesterfield County’s wastewater treatment plants. The Principal Plant Operator will perform all operational aspects required to maintain compliance with federal, state and local regulations governing wastewater treatment. This requires observations and/or adjustments of physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes at a wastewater treatment plant.
The Department of Public Utilities provides quality water and sanitary sewer services to Virginia Beach residents. Become a part of our dedicated workforce who provide these essential services. We are currently hiring for a Maintenance Engineer II, Senior Electrician with our Electrical Support Team.
Special Requirements for Public Utilities, Operations & Maintenance:  Must be available to work evenings, nights, weekends, holidays, standby and overtime when required to meet operational needs as we are a 24/7/365 department. Positions within this class have been designated as Alpha I positions requiring employees to work during inclement weather, regardless of the City’s operational status. This position may require that incumbents wear and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment such as, but not limited to, steel toed shoes, safety glasses, gloves, or other designated safety attire and equipment in designated areas of risk. Specific requirements will be determined and communicated by the employee's supervisor based on position assigned. 
Chesterfield County Government is seeking a Principal Engineer to manage Capital Improvement Program projects from design through construction. Reviews plans and specifications for utilities projects.
Under general supervision, this position is responsible for supervising and coordinating the administrative support responsibilities within the Customer Accounts Branch of the Business Services Division.  Reports to the Chief of Fiscal Operations. 

Responsibilities: The Engineering Department is a multi-disciplined group that works on a diversity of projects/programs with responsibilities that include standards and policy development, planning and design for capital projects, oversight of new construction projects, land acquisition, asset evaluation and rehabilitation, system capacity evaluation, data management, management of Geographical Information Systems, and the Cross Connection Control Program. The Engineering Manager will provide assistance to the Engineering Department in the areas of system management and operation, design and construction of new facilities, facilities upgrades, facility expansions, and related programs that require skill, experience, creativity, knowledge, judgment, and timely completion in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Under general supervision, inspects the water and sanitary sewer line work of contractors on construction projects to ensure compliance with plans and specifications listed; does related work as required. Work must be performed in accordance with the Spotsylvania County Department of Utilities Inspection Manual.
To supervise plant operator(s), and to monitor and operate the wastewater plants and equipment used to collect, treat, and release domestic and industrial waste into the environment, in a fiscally prudent manner that complies with all regulations, standards, safety rules, and enhances our EMS efforts.
Chesterfield County’s Utilities Department is seeking a Utility Worker I to install and repair water lines, services, meters, hydrants and other associated maintenance equipment; pavement restoration; use of power hand tools, shovels, picks and other associated materials and equipment; complete work orders. Perform other work as required. PLEASE NOTE: Overtime may be frequent and required to include evenings, weekends and/or holidays.  Position is open until filled (first review to begin November 6, 2023).  This position is part of an approved Career development Plan (CDP) and offers career progression opportunities and salary incentives, as funding permits, based on performance, qualifications and experience. 
The City of Norfolk's Department of Utilities is seeking a Reservoir Aide (Utility Maintenance Mechanic I) in our Water Production Division. The Reservoir Aide (Utility Maintenance Mechanic I) position works independently in the maintenance and repairing of boats, aquatic plant harvester, Hydrolab water quality 1onitor and various types of equipment. This person assists in the monitoring of the general health of reservoirs, shoreline facilities as well as general maintenance of the City owned facilities around the reservoirs. This position performs inspections daily; verifies and documents operating system conditions. The Reservoir Aide (Utility Maintenance Mechanic I) also maintains records and prepares reports as needed.

The Systems Administrator participates in information services program development and management in coordination with department directors and supervisors, and prepares and maintains systems, records, and files.
Under general supervision, this position performs engineering, project management, and other related assignments. Work involves water and sewer utilities project planning, design, design review, construction administration, distribution and collection systems evaluation, data analysis, and preparing a variety of technical reports and documents. Employee must exercise initiative and independent judgment.
The Upper Occoquan Service Authority, located in Centreville, VA, is a leader in water reclamation, has an immediate opening for a Trainee Operator within the Treatment Process Division. If you have the ability and willingness to increase your knowledge and skills and perform progressively complex and difficult tasks that aid in the continuous operation of UOSA’s state-of-the-art water reclamation plant then UOSA has a need for you!
Administers plant operations data and manages the off-site metering stations program and associated flow data. This starts with data collection from various sources including operations data sheets and data loggers in manholes and pump stations, and progresses through analysis and validation of the data, generation of regular and custom reports for internal and billing purposes, and organization and archiving of historical data using database applications interfaced with the plant control system. Coordinates, schedules, and oversees activities of personnel performing required work. Performs other operational data and analysis responsibilities, including calibration support for plant chemical probes, monthly chemical tracking. Work is fast-paced and dynamic in nature performing both office and field related tasks with a range of priorities, performs all other duties as assigned.
Employees in this class are responsible for performing a wide variety of skilled tasks; Installs, maintains and repairs process instrumentation such as pH, ORP, DO and temperature instruments; some lab instrumentation such as pH & spectrophotometer; electronic equipment, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration units; communications equipment including telephone, telemetry, and two-way radios; and computer systems such as PLCs, loop controllers and a large distributed control system; and gas detection equipment. Is exposed to a wastewater biological and chemical hazardous environment. Is exposed to high voltage on occasion. Performs related work as required.
The James City Service Authority seeks an individual to perform responsible work in the maintenance, repair and installation of mechanical and electrical systems used within the JCSA’s water and wastewater systems, which includes power distribution and generation systems, industrial class pumps and related electrical control systems.
The James City Service Authority seeks an individual to perform responsible engineering work including design, construction and administration of capital improvement projects or programs, review and approval of development projects, studies and analyses for water/wastewater systems, and inspection of public and private development and capital improvement projects related to water/wastewater facilities.
Responsibilities: To accurately collect samples, maintain records, and submit reports as required by Augusta Water compliance programs to meet local, state and federal regulations. To assist with laboratory testing and community outreach programs.
The Upper Occoquan Service Authority is seeking a quality Engineer to join the Process Engineering group in our Engineering & Technology Division. The successful applicant will join a dedicated team of Control Systems Engineers performing control system network administrator tasks. Applicants should have a keen interest and/or troubleshooting, maintenance, and implementation for many aspects of UOSA's computerized industrial control systems and platforms (especially in wastewater). Previous hands-on experience researching information system problems and in troubleshooting same, is highly required. This role requires the candidate to have knowledge of installing and testing new software and hardware acquisitions, managing network architecture and network infrastructure for OT, DCS, and SCADA platforms and managing software licensing and hardware inventory.
The City of Harrisonburg, Virginia, is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Deputy Director of Public Utilities to oversee the management of a variety of utility operations. Harrisonburg (pop. 55,700) is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, home to James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University, and one of the fastest-growing cities in Virginia.
Performs responsible administrative work in overseeing operation, maintenance and quality control of water treatment facilities.  Assists in preparation/ maintains area’s budget/CIP.  Schedules/assigns/supervises/ inspects the operation of the raw water pumping stations/water treatment facilities. Inspects/maintains water sheds/ aqueducts. Regulates impoundment output of storage reservoirs to eliminate algae/other organic growth. Prepares periodic activity reports. Monitors inventory. Monitors operation of reservoir in accordance with applicable permits. Prepares/maintains necessary operation reports for County/City/State. Coordinates public relations for reservoir/treatment facility. Serves as head water treatment plant operator. Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or water plant operations plus five (5) or more years related experience in water plant operations with some supervisory experience.  Class I Water license from Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation for Water Works and Wastewater Works required.
This position involves professional-level work within the Department of Utilities with a primary function of managing the processes involved with the design and construction of projects at the Town’s water and wastewater treatment plants and remote pump stations. Work involves supervision of the department’s project managers, close coordination with plant operations and maintenance staff, managing contracts that provide engineering, operational support, design, project and program management, testing and inspection, and construction services for the department’s Capital Improvement and 3R (Repair, Replacement and Renovation) Programs. This position provides assistance to customers, various Town departments, outside review agencies, architects, engineers, and the general public in the construction and development and maintenance of water and sewer infrastructure.