VA AWWA Distribution Utility Rodeo 

Utilities and peers go head-to-head in a variety of Distribution Rodeo Competitions.  Whether it's just for fun or you are looking to represent the Virginia Section at the national level, the rodeo is not to be missed.  It provides fun for competitors and spectators alike.  Learn more about each competition below or check out last year's rodeo results and photos. 

Buried Treasure
Contestants trace a buried cable with conventional locating equipment. The competition area consists of a hub, and a series of strings arranged in a 30-foot diameter "wheel spoke" pattern. The buried wire may cross some or all of the strings and may cross a string more than once. Contestants have 5 minutes to set up and locate and record their results. Contestants are required to mark the location of the wire at each string crossing, place a flag, and measure the distance from the hub to each flag. The contestant with the lowest accumulative difference plus any penalties will be declared the winner.
Hydrant Hysteria
Teams must reassemble a dry barrel hydrant from the shoe up in the fastest time possible. Penalties are assessed for operational failure, missing parts, and safety violations. Teams consist of two assemblers and a coach. The winning team will represent Virginia in the National Hydrant Hysteria Event held at ACE.
Meter Challenge
Contestants assemble a 5/8" meter from a bucket of parts, which will also contain unrelated items. Penalties for leaks or improper assembly add to overall time to complete the event, and best time wins. Each competitor is allowed two runs, using a new meter. The O-ring and tamper resistant pin is typically omitted in the competition.
Rapid Tappin'
Teams make a pressurized main tap and service connection. Each team consists of a Captain, Copper Person, Crank Person, and Star Person. Penalties for leaks or safety violations add to overall time to complete the event, and best time wins.
Splish Splash
Contestants repair a 3/4" copper service line under pressure. You just might get wet if you get too close to this event! Penalties for leaks add to overall time to complete the event, and best time wins.
Water Taste Test
Best of Virginia Taste Test:  A panel of judges will sample water from participating utilities and will score the contestants based on four categories: Clarity, Odor, Flavor, and Aftertaste. The winner of this event will represent Virginia in the Best of the Best Taste test competition held each year at ACE.
People’s Choice Taste Test:  In this event, the same samples used for the Best of Virginia Taste Test are sampled by the Rodeo Participants who then cast a vote for their favor tasting water. The sample with the most votes is declared the winner