Distribution Systems

The Distribution System Committee aims to promote affordable education and training and to foster professionalism and communication among those responsible for operating and maintaining distribution systems. Among its many activities, the Distribution System Committee contributes relevant articles for publication in the section magazine, Tap into Virginia.

Each October, the committee holds the highly successful Distribution Seminar and Utility Rodeo, which draws over 30 vendors and approximately 250 attendees. Started in 1989, this three-day conference includes the widely popular Utility Rodeo, in which individuals and teams participate in the skill-based events of Buried Treasure, Meter Madness, Splish Splash, Hydrant Hysteria, and Rapid Tappin'.  Current Rodeo Event Rules are maintained on the Distribution Rodeo web page, and as always you can contact the committee chair with any questions about the events or the committee.

In addition to the Rodeo, the Committee holds a one-day seminar in the spring that focuses on topics that are relevant to the Maintenance and Operation of a Distribution System and are geared towards field level and supervisory staff.

Rapid Tappin Competition
VA AWWA Distribution Utility Rodeo 

The following events are held annually at the Distribution Seminar and Utility Rodeo.  Select the link below to learn more about each event, including full rules and regulations. 

  • Buried Treasure
  • Hydrant Hysteria
  • Meter Challenge
  • Rapid Tappin'
  • Splish Splash
  • Water Taste Test
Oct 22, 2023
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Hydrant Hysteria (Men)

1st place - City of Virginia Beach - 1:17.56
2nd place - Western VA Water Auth - 1:33.72
3rd place - Prince William County SA - 1:40.66

Hydrant Hysteria (Women)


1st place - Arlington County - 2:07.25
2nd place - City of Virginia Beach - 2:43.34

Water Taste Test

People's Choice - Spotsylvania County
Best of Virginia - City of Norfolk

Meter Challenge

1st place - Mike Sherwood - 0:33.31
2nd place - Austin Sullivan - 0:45.57
3rd place - Dave Burnett - 0:46.16

Buried Treasure

1st place - Michael Wilson - 2 5/8" | 4:02.94
2nd place - Tracis Plotts - 2 7/8" | 3:55.46
3rd place - Eli Merat - 2 7/8" | 4:15.37

Rapid Tappin'


1st place - Bedford Regional Water - 2:01.10
2nd place - City of Virginia Beach - 2:15.15
3rd place - Chesterfield County - 2:18.12

Splish Splash


1st place - Dave Burnett - 0:27.84
2nd place - Troy Waterfield - 0:33.97
3rd place - Erik Nicely - 0:49.46
Committee Contacts
Brian Whitenack | Chair
Western VA Water Authority
L.C. Campbell | Vice-Chair
Lynchburg Dept. of Water Resources
Committee Meeting Schedule
Please contact Chair for details.
Upcoming Committee Events
2023 Water Distribution Seminar and Utility Rodeo
October 10-13, 2023
Roanoke, VA