This webpage provides a list of materials and resources shared during the
Funding Opportunities for Small Water Systems Workshop. 
Each presentation has its own section listed below.  
VDH - Office of Drinking Water: Capacity Development
Presented by Susan Miner

Susan Miner, Sustainability Coordinator
Capacity Development Division
Office:  (804) 864-8086
Mobile: (757) 869-8334

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VDH - Office of Drinking Water: Financial & Construction Assistance Programs
Presented by Kelly Ward

Kelly Ward, Division Director
Financial & Construction Assistance Programs
Phone: (804) 864-7201 

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VDH - Office of Drinking Water: Source Water Protection
Presented by Raven Jarvis
USDA Rural Development
Presented by Robert B Wilson
Robert B Wilson
Phone: (540) 319-6466
Virginia Rural Water Association
Presented by Mike Ritchie
Mike Ritchie, Executive Director
Office: (540) 261-7178
Mobile: (540) 335-3000
VRWA Website:
NDWA Loans Application website:
Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development
Presented by Jay Grant
Southeast Rural Community Assistance Programs
Presented by Andy Crocker

Andy Crocker, Virginia State Manager
Phone: (540) 345-1184


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VHW - Office of Drinking Water
Jeff Wells, Field Director
Danville Field Office
Phone:  (434) 836-8416
Virginia Section AWWA
Presented by Geneva Hudgins
Geneva Hudgins, Executive Director
Phone: (434) 386-3190
Training Opportunities:
Request Cloth Masks:
When viewing the recording, advance to the 7:00 minute mark for Geneva's presentation.