Herbert W. Evans, Jr. Distinguished Service
This award is given in recognition of the demonstrated activity of a member of AWWA who has contributed outstanding participation, counsel, and progressiveness to the Section for a period no less than ten (10) years. The VA AWWA Board of Trustees selects the award recipient from among nominations received from the Section membership. Members are invited to submit nominations to the Executive Director or any member of the Board of Trustees by June 30th of each year.
This award, established in 1966 as the Distinguished Service Award, is given by the Section to acknowledge the demonstrated activity of a member of AWWA who has contributed outstanding participation, counsel and progressiveness to the Virginia Section. In 1997, the Board of Trustees renamed the award in memory of a devoted AWWA member, Herbert W. Evans, Jr., who died in 1996.
Nominee Eligibility Requirements
  • Active participation within the Virginia Section for a period of not less than ten (10) years.
  • Participation and activity within the Virginia Section so deemed by the award committee as sufficiently outstanding to meet the "purpose" of the award.
  • The recipient may not be a current member of the Section Board of Trustees, excepting he or she may be a long-term member of the Board, i.e., Secretary or Treasurer.
Nomination or Submission Deadline
  • Selection of not more than one recipient annually may be made.
  • The award committee may, after due consideration, omit an award presentation in any calendar year. The Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, AWWA Director and Trustees (4) of the Section comprise the selection committee for this award.
  • Any member of the Virginia Section may propose one or more candidates to any officer of the Section. Such proposals shall be in writing and shall indicate the candidate's qualifications, and must be submitted by June 30th of each year.
Method of Selecting Award Recipient
All nominations shall be in writing and shall indicate the nominee’s qualifications. The Section Executive Director will forward all nominations to the selection committee for review and evaluation. Only one selection for an award will be made annually, and then only if a qualified recipient exists.
Annually, if deserved.
Presentation of the Award
The Award shall be presented by the Section Chair at the Awards Banquet during the VA AWWA Annual Meeting (WaterJAM). The award shall consist of an appropriate plaque designating the award name, recipient's name, and date of award.