There's never been a more exciting time to work in the world of water reuse - especially in Virginia. As the Commonwealth's population grows, the demand for safe drinking water also increases - leading us to more widespread, prolonged water shortages in the future. Advances in water reuse and treatment technology will help change Virginia's fate and you can be a part of it. Your participation in the joint VWEA and VA AWWA Water Reuse Committee will provide an excellent opportunity for you to influence and experience this burgeoning industry as it unfolds. You'll have opportunities to collaborate on the regulatory, technological, and financial aspects of the water reuse industry, track developments, and help educate the memberships of both agencies on the newest findings. When you join this committee, you'll be joining approximately 30 other engineers, scientists, and planners interested in Virginia's water future, and you will have an opportunity to help change it for the better.

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Liz Sitter | Chair
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