Employer: Spotsylvania County Utilities
The Department of Utilities/Public works is seeking an environmental science professional with leadership experience and a passion for producing quality data. Under limited supervision of the Laboratory Services Division Director, performs administrative and supervisory work in support of the County's Utilities and Public Works Department. The employee serves as the Laboratory's Quality Assurance Officer. Work includes but is not limited to performing tasks in support of the department's Environmental Compliance Program, maintaining the Laboratory's Quality System, conducting and supervising chemical and bacteriological tests of drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, environmental and solid waste samples, establishing laboratory procedures, supervision of professional, technical and skilled employees, and ensuring adherence to established quality assurance standards. The employee must exercise considerable independent judgment and initiative in setting up laboratory tests and analyzing test results. This position is essential. Personnel occupying this position may be scheduled to work irrespective of weather conditions and/or when general county offices are closed.  
Employer:  Spotsylvania County
Job Title: Manager Laboratory
Salary:   $65,044.88 - $76,696.91 Annually
Issue Date:  11/26/2019
Final Filing Date:  Continuous 
Special Duties & Responsibilities
•    Supervises and trains professional, technical and skilled employees.
•    Researches analytical methods and writes standard operating procedures.
•    Promotes safety awareness and enforces safety procedures.
•    Conducts tests as mandated by the State Water Control Board, Virginia Department of Health, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, and other regulatory agencies, including but not limited to complex inorganic, organic and microbiological analyses.
•    Performs highly technical work in support of the Laboratory Information Management System.
•    Maintains required operational, maintenance and personnel training records.
•    Assembles and/or installs instruments and equipment for analytical or research work.
•    Oversees the performance of routine maintenance, effective troubleshooting and diagnosis of potential issues and implementation of corrective measures on complex laboratory instrumentation. 
•    Participates in annual management review.
•    Conducts inspections related to laboratory certification with regulatory agency personnel.
•    Maintains statistical data, performs calculations and establishes related quality control limits.
•    Reviews analytical data for accuracy, completeness, compliance and trending.
•    Researches and selects instruments, equipment and supplies for analytical and research work. Selects appropriate methods and performs method validation.
•    Updates testing procedures in response to regulatory changes. Researches, reviews, adheres to and implements regulations that pertain to the certification of the laboratory according to the Safe Drinking Water Act Program and the Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.
•    Oversees record retention of Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis for laboratory chemicals.
•    Monitor, trend, and interpret test results.
•    Maintains awareness of local, state, and federal regulations and stays informed of changes and updates.
•    Resolves problems as non-routine situations arise.
•    Maintains inventory and order supplies and specifies new and replacement equipment.
•    Collaborates with Division Director Laboratory Services to initiate actions regarding hiring, transfer, promotion, payroll, leaves, performance and other personnel issues.
•    Serves as the Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer for the Laboratory and is responsible for the oversight and review of quality control data.
•    Fills in during the absence of the Division Director.
Minimum Training & Experience
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical, Environmental, Biological or Physical Sciences. At least three years of experience in the environmental analysis of organic and inorganic compounds including microbiology work, and three years of experience in a laboratory supervisory position or any equivalent combination of training and experience that provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities. . Must have at least 24 college semester credit hours in chemistry and 16 college semester hours in general microbiology and biology. Must also have documented training and/or experience in QA/QC procedures. Possession of a valid Driver's License issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Must obtain First Aid and/or CPR certification(s) within six months of hire.  
For more information or to apply:  http://www.spotsylvania.va.us