The VWEA/VA AWWA Young Professionals committee invites you to apply to attend the Annual AWWA/WEF Young Professional Summit. This year's event is scheduled for March 27-28, 2023, in Sacramento, CA. The Summit will focus on the future of our water. The sessions will explore current industry trends and how young professionals can take ownership in the direction we want the water sector to move, reflecting on what we want to accomplish, the innovation that will lead us there, and what levers exist to create change. 


Applications will be accepted through January 13, 2023.  Two individuals will be selected to receive a scholarship to support travel and attendance at the summit.  


Consideration is given to:

  • Leadership Participation in VA AWWA and/or VWEA
  • Committee Engagement in VA AWWA and/or VWEA
  • Future goals in the industry and the associations