The Water Awareness and Outreach Committee provides educational and networking opportunities for public information, education, and outreach professionals in water utilities throughout Virginia.  This committee seeks to serve public information officers and education and outreach coordinators by connecting them to a wider professional network focused on the sharing of information, tactics, and resources related to drinking water quality and supply.

Committee Events and Opportunities

Water Outreach Response to COVID-19
Did you miss the Water Awareness and Outreach Committee webinar about engaging the public amidst the COVID pandemic?  No worries.  You can view the recording below. 
The webinar featured the winners of this year’s VA AWWA Public Information Award. Lynchburg Water Resources and Prince William County Service Authority share their different outreach responses to COVID-19.  They explore how they are continuing to reach audiences through virtual platforms while overcoming the barriers faced by COVID-19.
If you can't watch the webinar, download their presentations. 
To view the recording, please click the button below and enter the following passcode: #WAO2020
If you missed the webinar, enjoy the recorded version now. 
Download the slides too!
Committee Contacts
Lilly Meighan | Chair
Lynchburg Water Resources
Committee Meeting Schedule
Meeting dates are currently being set.  Please check back for details.
Upcoming Committee Events